In 1993, David Allen, the founder, chairman and CEO of Buffalo Pacific, and his telepresence innovation group led a team of seasoned entrepreneurs to create the commercial concept of “Telepresence.”  Inspired by his vision to expand occupancy within his hospitality business, Mr. Allen designed an innovative system of Telepresence that allowed a person to be virtually present in a conference setting such that all participants would feel as if they were actually together.

In this way, his invention not only negated the need for travel, but also most effectively leveraged an individual’s time, talent and resources.  During the following 20 years, industry players both large and small exploded onto the scene along with rapid advances in the development of videoconferencing hardware, software, and high-bandwidth dedicated networks at cheaper prices – all to create the more efficient and heightened Telepresence  user experience we have today.

In 2012, a company called TelePresence Tech (TPT) perfected a revolutionary TelePresence system and solution like no other.  Supported by a series of more than 10 patents, these conferencing systems not only provide life-sized, high- definition video images of the participants, including full eye contact, but they also do it without 3D glasses!  Armed with a 225,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, TPT has a robust production and distribution model.

Together with TPT, Buffalo Pacific (BP) has developed a visually stunning and interactive 3D videoconferencing platform known as the Omni-Solution Series™ and today support the Buffalo Pacific Community Portal™.  By utilizing the Omni-Solution Series™ to interact with their customers, BP’s clients best leverage their time, talent and location to increase their productivity, revenue generation potential and ultimately, their bottom line.

The Omni-Solution Series™ features a product suite of 10 fully engineered customer service solutions, all of which provide HD video in real-time and enjoy full-eye-contact capabilities within a broadcast studio environment boasting theater-quality sound and lighting.  In 2014, the first full Omni-Solution Series™ units left the production line and entered the financial services world destined to change the industry landscape of customer experience for financial firms across the country.

Today, our Five Key Transformation Initiatives are housed within the Community Portal and will drive organizations forward to create a new depth of relationship with their customers, patients, students, and clients.

With a goal of 10,000 Community Portals operational within 10 years, BP is changing the customer service industry’s approach to the client experience and transforming how people connect!