David Allen


David Allen serves as the Chairman, CEO and majority member. Mr. Allen is chiefly responsible for setting vision, sourcing operating capital, and directing the daily operations and financial operations of the company. David also is the Chairman of Telepresence Tech, the engineering and development partner to Buffalo Pacific. Mr. Allen is a true entrepreneur and has lead multiple start-ups to success and is widely credited with leading the team that created the first commercially viable telepresence video conferencing.


Bruce Clapp

Vice Chairman/Chief Operating Officer, CMO

Bruce Clapp serves as Vice Chairman/Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer for Buffalo Pacific. He is also the CEO and President of MarketMatch, a company that provides detailed and expert-level marketing, consulting and professional services in support of evaluation and implementation of comprehensive marketing, sales, public relations and branding programs to financial institutions. Mr. Clapp is responsible for developing a comprehensive yet targeted branding, marketing and public relations program to help Buffalo Pacific achieve broad market entry.

John Witkowski

John Witkowski

Vice Chairman/Business Development

John Witkowski serves as the Vice Chairman and Chief Business Development Officer for Buffalo Pacific. He is a strategic consultant to the company and a key link to the development of sales channels.  John also currently serves as the President and CEO of the Independent Bankers Association of New York State.  Mr. Witkowski is a former NFL quarterback with the Detroit Lions and Houston Oilers. He has an equally impressive 20-year career in the banking and financial services industry, where he held SVP and EVP positions in Commercial, Business and Retail Banking and served as Regional President and President/CEO of a community bank in upstate New York.


Dr. Darren Sommer

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Sommer serves as the Chief Medical Officer of Buffalo Paciifc, responsible for guiding and directing all healthcare operations for the Community Terminals, on a national basis.  As both a practitioner of telemedicine and a technology executive, Dr. Sommer understands the importance of creating telemedicine systems that exceed expectations. With a focus on reliability and simplicity, Dr. Sommer’s vision is to deploy Innovator Health technologies so that all Americans have access to the highest level of care.

Dr. Sommer received his Doctor of Osteopathic degree and holds a Master’s in Public Health from Nova Southeastern University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Sommer also has more than 20 years of military service and two combat deployments in support of the Global War on Terrorism. It was his work in these austere environments that generated his passion for telemedicine. Dr. Sommer went on to earn his Master’s in Business Administration from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and he is a Health Policy Fellow of the American Osteopathic Association.