Buffalo Pacific Acquires Holographical Reality Company

Buffalo Pacific Acquires Holographical Reality Company

Acquisition secures 14 Patents and Engineering Expertise

Englewood, OH (October 2, 2017) – Buffalo Pacific, LLC announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Telepresence Technologies, Inc., located in Plano, Texas. TelePresence Tech (TPT) is the innovator of “Holographical RealityTM” protected by 13 US patents and one European Union patent that serves as the center piece of Buffalo Pacific’s “Community Portals”.Mr. David Allen, Chairman and CEO of Buffalo Pacific, noted “acquiring TPT is the culmination of a long-standing strategy to implement the revolutionary Holographical RealityTM patent portfolio within the architecture of Community Portals built by Buffalo Pacific. Buffalo Pacific Portals will provide communities with access to services by experts and professionals from around the world with an immersive telepresence experience.

PatentsMr. Duffie White, TelePresence Tech Founder and Inventor says, “It has been my passion to extend beyond the barriers of geographical distance by transmitting people to appear holographically at life-size within a room with true depth for live interaction in real time. Most importantly, the par-ticipants do not need to wear 3D glasses or head-sets and can make aligned eye contact to engage in natural human interaction. This vision is being achieved with the high definition 3D within the Buffalo Pacific Community Portals.”

The first 8,000 sq. ft Buffalo Pacific Portal is currently under construction in Troy, Ohio with opening scheduled by the end of this year.Buffalo Pacific intends to transform banking, education and healthcare by increasing customer access to services from these “telepresence centers.” The BP Community Portal will become a local community asset and central access point to key services for the area.portal

Buffalo Pacific is working to secure leases with a variety of financial service, education and healthcare leaders across the country who believe that the Omni-Series will give their firm the opportunity to better serve their consumers while generating new relationships from new communities and solidifying their distributed access. These Portals under one roof and provide the foundation for our company’s significant growth and sustained excellence. We intend to completely change the world of banking, education and healthcare by increasing customer access to a service experience like no other, available in community portals that will be convenient and accessible nationally. TPT will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary and continue designing, engineering, and manufacturing Holographical Reality solutions for Buffalo Pacific and existing clients. Buffalo Pacific will continue to focus its efforts on their Community Portal initiative, that brings together education, financial services and telemedicine health-care through distributed access to communities around the country.

About Buffalo Pacific

Buffalo Pacific is an entrepreneurial company started by David Allen, who was the leader developing and launching the entire “telepresence” industry in the 1990s. Today, Buffalo Pacific is leading the industry toward a new level of customer engagement and experience. Every day, we work toward ensuring a closer connection between your subject matter experts and customers to create a revenue-building engagement process that grows the reputation and success of the institution. www.BuffaloPacific.com

About Telepresence Technologies

Telepresence Technologies (TPT) was formed in 2004 by Duffie White, founder, inventor and creator of the ex-tensive Holographical RealityTM patent portfolio. www.TelepresenceTech.com

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