Leverage Your Staff, Save Space and Engage Patients

In today’s healthcare environment of rising costs and the need for enhanced patient experiences, Buffalo Pacific has launched a process innovation in a key area of service and cost: patient registration. Typically, both a cost center and bottle neck to services that is challenging to properly and sufficiently staff, patient registration is also the gateway to the patient experience– the first and last 3-feet of patient engagement.

Create a contact-less, efficient, personalized and memorable registration experience with the OmniRegistration process featuring the OmniPresence systems.

Utilizing our patented 3D OmniSeries technology, BP has developed an efficient teleregistration process that combines the efficiency and targeted information of avatars and the personal touch of centralized registrar agents. with OmniRegistration, your agents can focus their time and attention to the patient needs in a contact less environment that creates a more personalized experience and better use of staff and space. Further, the OmniRegistration process provides all the necessary collaboration tools to be deployed as needed – card scanner, signature pad, remote printing, payment acceptance, etc.

Contactless Registration

Gain staff efficiency

Enhance space utilization

Engage patients

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