Strategic Innovation Partnerships

Create Sustainable Innovation and Growth– Address YOUR Final Three Feet of Connectivity

Utilizing the PaaS model, Buffalo Pacific has launched  a new series of Strategic Innovation Partnerships (SIPs) with targeted industry partners to collaborate, innovate and design ways to grow their businesses through applying BP technology and process improvements. 

True collaboration on the last three feet of global connectivity.

The SIP participants form a working group focused on identifying new customer acquisition models, service models, efficiency gains and sustainable growth strategies targeted to improve their company’s trajectory all built from the core PaaS model of Buffalo Pacific technology. Collaboration, energy, innovation and 360-degree thought are just a few of the many tangible benefits of being a SIP.

You can join Buffalo Pacific and company peers in complementing industries to explore your future!


Innovation is about transforming your thought process, aligning your outcomes and ensuring the organizational focus is properly placed on high value processes.  It is also about seeking news ways to accomplish existing tasks and many times with existing resources and constraints. 

Breaking through “traditional” thinking frees new ideas to take shape that can solve business challenges and create new energy and opportunity.


Efficiency creates energy, process speed, and — when harnessed — can also create new markets, new opportunities and new sustainable growth. 

Efficiency is not always about cutting — staff, costs, capital — it is about crafting a new vision for “how” processes are implemented, managed and delivered. It is more about creating new methods and ideas about interactions and promoting ways for two people to work together better…and then scaling those changes!.


Demand for growth is everywhere…organic and acquired.  Organic growth comes from innovation and efficiency coupled with a well crafted message and world-class execution,.  Understanding how your organization can best grow…organically and also through more efficient market entry, market service and leverage of existing assets speeds that growth and ensures it is sustainable and repeatable.

Business today demands innovative thinking and application of expertise and technology.