Changing the way you communicate.
Transforming the way you connect.

Every day, customers are making decisions on what products to purchase, which financial service or wellness partner to choose, and how to conduct their banking and where to receive health services.  The “model” of creating a customer experience and satisfying the customer demand is at risk.  The banking and healthcare industries are changing… rapidly and forcefully. Add in educational reforms and demanding for differentiated access and convenience and the need to reach and engage people has to transform!

  • Increased pressure on revenue, fees and capital
  • Consolidation of providers
  • Increased competition
  • Declining branch transactions
  • Increasing patient loads with fewer care providers
  • New technologies and greater access
  • Generational changes in customer behavior
  • Direct banking services dominating customer interactions
  • Branch usage model is changing
  • Healthcare access demands increasing daily

We can help!  The key to capturing the customer, satisfying their demand and creating a “WOW” customer experience is simple: deliver experts on demand, when the customer wants it, and focus on the relationship-building services.

Enter the Buffalo Pacific Omni-Branch Community Terminal™!

Buffalo Pacific has engineered a customer engagement technology advancement that leverages time, talent and location resources that you have already invested in…but are more than likely underutilizing or understaffing. When you meet with us, you will learn about the Omni-Series™ 3D Telepresence systems that have transformed the way you engage customers and extend the connection of your experts.

The Omni-Systems™ have three key value points:

1.    Operational cost savings by better leveraging fewer staff members
2.    Improved customer experience by having experts available at all locations through 3D Telepresence
3.    Higher revenue through extended delivery of relationship-building services and fewer missed opportunities

How do you move forward?  With the partner that has been there before…and brings a unique value proposition to you and the community!


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