Skilled Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living Facilities

Applying the BP PaaS model to senior healthcare

Senior healthcare faces an imperative in this COVID environment…

…enabling patient and resident healthcare and specialist access while limiting potential exposure and minimizing travel and related risks.

In a new partnership, BP is providing our OmniPresence™ telemedicine platform to the Sprenger Healthcare System. Initially deployed in three (3) locations, the patients and residents now have on-campus access to medical specialists through North Ohio Heart and the University Hospital System.  Patients and their families gain comfort knowing that specialist care is available “just down the hall” vs. a car or ambulette ride and saving time away for family and the risk of additional exposures.  Additionally, the patient is now able to schedule multiple appointments in the same day and all appointments and connections are managed by the BP OmniAccess™ telemedicine system enabling seamless access, convenient support and thorough patient care all within the Sprenger campus.

Watch the video to see how the process is unfolding for Sprenger Healthcare

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