Omni-Branch Community Portal

The Community Portal has three services areas featuring Financial Services, Wellness Care, and Education.  Buffalo Pacific locates communities, procures the best site, constructs the Community Portal and manages the services and support for all partners.

Financial Services

  • Concierge staff member to help guide customers and address general questions
  • “Welcome Station” featuring the Omni-Kiosk for service sign-up, questions, and support
  • Six (6) customer service office areas featuring the Omni-Suite
    • For new accounts, loans, investments and insurance
  • Full function ATM for all cash handling needs

Wellness Care

  • Three (3) Rounders for Wellness, primary, chronic, specialty and behavior health care
  • Space for lab, X-ray, etc. as needed by healthcare provider
  • “Welcome Station” for registration and information gathering


  • 85″ monitor for 3D and 2D interactions
  • Theater seating for 28 students
  • Podium for live presentations
  • Collaboration stations for teamwork

General Appearances

  • 8,000 ft² building, LEED certified
  • 12′ diameter blue glass dome featuring blue uplighting
  • Parking for 40 vehicles
  • Full service maintenance
  • Artful landscaping
  • Full street and building signage