ROI…with a WOW!

Buffalo Pacific has created a way to capture more customers, patients and students while delivering an experience that will have people talking, sharing and dragging their friends into the Community Terminal!

By creating engaged customers, ensuring limited missed customer needs, and increasing efficiency and usable staff time, we generated additional revenue opportunities. The key feature is the technology platform of the Omni-Series™, which leverages time, talent and location by creating on-demand access to specialists and experts at any location of the provider.

A clear return-on-investment (ROI) is needed to move decisions forward and begin accepting new customers and new business opportunities. We have a defined BP Revenue Model that can be reviewed and refined with our partners real-world metrics.  The return-on-investment can be easily tracked, measured and evaluated to show that the Buffalo Pacific Omni-Branch Terminal™ is the best way to reach new customers and new markets!

BP is offering a unique model of “success pay” for our partners housed within the Buffalo Pacific Omni-Branch Community Terminal™.  Thinking “outside the box” we have developed a system that matches the needs of our partners, engages customers and benefits the area by bringing a unique resource to the community!

For our partners within the Community Terminal:

  • No capital required
    • BP will construct and manage the Community Terminals
  • No maintenance worries
    • BP will manage the onsite cleaning, upkeep, system maintenance, and Terminal upgrades
  • Limited onsite staff
    • With the Omni-Series™, existing operational staff can be leveraged and staff levels balanced
  • Less travel and wait times
    • Subject matter experts spend time assisting customers vs. traveling in a car or waiting for appointments
  • Unique marketing
    • The “BP Blue Dome” and our extensive ongoing marketing efforts will yield new customers and draw existing customers for more business!
  • Flexibility
    • Use of the Omni-Portal space for training, community events and more is provided
  • Differentiation
    • Patented, supported and definitely unique…engage customers with a WOW
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