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$2M tech-centered office planned in Troy


Blandford First in the Nation Embracing Telepresence Technology for Services


Buffalo Pacific Acquires Holographical Reality Company

Buffalo Pacific Acquires Holographical Reality Company Acquisition secures 14 Patents and Engineering Expertise Englewood, OH (October 2, 2017) – Buffalo Pacific, LLC announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Telepresence Technologies, Inc., located in Plano, Texas. TelePresence Tech (TPT) is the innovator of “Holographical RealityTM” protected by 13 US patents and one European Union patent that

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Video Conferencing and Your Bank

Your customers use videoconferencing to see their doctor, to take a class, to have a business meeting, to talk to their family and friends…the list goes on and on. So when will it be as common to videoconference with one of your bankers? Some banks are already there—and survey data indicate that many more are about to follow. Read the

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Branch Transformation 2017

A Report About The Evolving Banking Center In banking, the branch is the main connecting point to customers and the community. The industry is going through a transformation, read how bankers and credit union execs see their branch future.  (Hint: it involves a better customer experience through technology!)   Read the full story on The Financial Brand Download the CODIGO Report

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Interactive Video Chat: The Future of Mobile Banking

Branches still have one major advantage over mobile: face-to-face interaction. But that will soon change, once everyone has a live, two-way video branch in their back pocket.   By Jeffry Pilcher, CEO/President & Publisher of The Financial Brand As financial services become less personal and more virtual and face-to-face interactions are increasingly being replaced by digital technologies, how can banking

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Omni-Branch Community Terminal™

The Community Terminal has three services areas featuring Financial Services, Wellness Care, and Education.  Buffalo Pacific locates communities, procures the best site, constructs the Community Terminal and manages the services and support for all partners. Financial Services Concierge staff member to help guide customers and address general questions “Welcome Station” featuring the Omni-Kiosk™ for service sign-up, questions, and support Six

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New 3D Telepresence Technology Puts CU Experts Eye-to-Eye with Members

The latest technology popping up in credit unions


Video beats teleconference– Every time!

Everyone has participated in a teleconference…muting the conversation and multi-tasking.  With video-conferencing, the action is more focused, everyone more accountable and meetings will be shorter!


Customer Engagement vs. Customer Satisfaction

Leaders in all types of industries talk about improving “customer satisfaction”… important, I agree.  However, I would argue that a “satisfied” customer can (and many times will!) take their business elsewhere.  Sometimes from lack of awareness, sometimes from a better offer, and many times from a simple feeling of neglect. An engaged customer is one that feels a part of

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