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Make sure your time, talent and location resources are working to build the best customer relationships possible… allowing you to focus on revenue generation!


With Omni-Series systems, relationships become BOUNDLESS

The Omni-Series immediately connects members with your experts through innovative 3D technology that must be experienced to be believed. People feel like they’re right there. Conversations are face to face. The technology disappears and you’re conducting business across a desk. That desk just happens to be miles away.

With many different sizes and applications available, the Omni-Series is your perfect solution to enhancing your customer experience, extending your expert staff and generating revenue through relationship building interactions!

The Buffalo Pacific Omni-Branch Community Terminal™ utilizes the Omni-Series™ in the financial service, wellness and educational/community space.

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In a virtually on-demand process, customers can be connected to specialized experts in financial services, wellness care and education no matter where they are physically located. Through the BP Omni-Branch Community Terminal we can engage customers, patients and students through an immersive experience complete with a full-line of collaboration tools.

Grow Relationships

Improve trust &
real-time interactions

Generate Revenue

Increase Service Levels

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